Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Appreciative way to spread the 5 key messages

Yesterday, thirteen people met together to design a programme of activities to spread the 5 Key Messages about diabetes eye care. The different perspectives in the room included: health practitioners, health research, optometrists, health trainers, the community, and voluntary sector. 

We used Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to help us to think about what would need to happen to spread the messages successfully.

Appreciative Inquiry asks us to notice the very best of what works in relation to a particular issue - in this case spreading health messages across a community; and to explore what else might be needed to do this even more successfully. Then using the very best examples and the additional ideas, a picture can be developed of what success would look like. When we know what we are aiming for, then we can design the right steps to take us in that direction. 

Our workshop gathered the very best examples of spreading health messages through:
- community venues and networks; 
- GPs, Opticians, Pharmacists, and Hospital Outpatients; 

To these each participant added their own ideas.

Three pictures were created showing what needs to be done to spread the messages successfully. The video below shows the final presentations. 


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