Monday, 16 July 2012

More than a leaflet

The final version of our 5 Key Messages. It is intended to provide a focus for a conversation between practitioner and patient/client.
Message 1 - Diabetes can cause blindness
This was in response to the women's group who asked us to be clear about consequences. Not to be afraid to stat the facts.
Message 2 - Save your sight
There is good news, you can take action to save your sight.

Message 3 - Go to all your appointments
In terms of looking after your eyes this is the most important action. Even people who do everything right, can get bleeding in their eyes. This can be treated if picked up early. Especially important is going for 'retinal screening', known by many people as the 'eye photo'.
Message 4 - Look after your blood 
As well as good blood glucose, the opticians tell us that good blood pressure and good blood cholesterol are important for keeping your eyes healthy

Message 5 - Find out more
The women's group said that we shouldn't just talk about eyes and diabetes. They argued that there are still a lot of people who don't understand that diabetes affects the whole body. So message 5 tells people that taking the action outlined in the leaflet will help other parts of the body. People are encouraged to find out more about this from their health practitioners.


  1. Excellent presentation at Eccleshill by Elaine Appleby.

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  3. Thank you! It was so good of you to come. I have yet to write up the blog about our session and hope to do that this week.